The @OHLBarrieColts players as Cats.

Part of running a successful blog (or a blog you pass off as successful... ) you need to do what you can to look modern and "in". What is cooler than cats you ask? Cats on Barrie Colts heads! (Maybe not... BUT ENJOY!) If you are a cat lover... HERE YOU GO!!!

ARE YOU LOOKING TO HELP A CAT! If you are and are in the Barrie area we recommend our friends at Furry Friends! Check out our CHARITY section to find out about adoptions, making a donation, volunteering and anything else you might be curious about. Incredible people doing incredible things for incredible animals that need you!!! CLICK HERE to find out more!

We also have a Alumni page! Check out Colts Alumni with Cat Heads here.

UPDATED: We are happy to add Dmitry Sokolov to the litter!


Get shirt here!


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